Monday, October 10, 2005

Arizona Fall League--Phoenix Desert Dogs at Peoria Saguaros

What better way to spend Columbus Day than watching an Arizona Fall League game. Today, the Peoria Saguaros hosted the powerful Phoenix Desert Dogs. We came to see the Dogs, last year’s AFL champion. That team features a host of future stars including Stephen Drew (Diamondbacks), Greg Miller and Andy LaRoche (Dodgers), Andre Ethier and Daric Barton (Athletics) and Jarrod Saltalmacchia (Braves).

I avoided the long in-game shots which I need to hold off on until I get a camera with a more powerful zoom. Instead, I focused on the players before the game. Saltalmacchia (whose name I butchered in the clip) is going to be a favorite. He has a big smile and was quite warm to the young fans. He even spoke to me.

As you might imagine, much of my focus was on Stephen Drew of the Diamondbacks. Drew did not disappoint; he hit a monster three-run homer onto the lawn in right field. In baseball terms, he was worth all $4 million-plus the D-backs spent.

One final note: leaving the park, we spotted Jenny Finch, softball superstar, sitting in the stands. She is married to Casey Daigle, a minor league pitcher with the Diamondbacks. (BTW, he was a very friendly guy with the the fans before the game).

I am on Fall League hiatus until Oct. 21st, my birthday. I have been to an AZ Fall League game on my birthday each of the past four years.


Blogger Laura said...

Enjoyed reading through your AFL journal. Thanks for the video clips! You need to get out and report on a Solar Sox game plz.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Allen said...

I am not a big Ho Ho Kam person, but hope to catch the Sox when they are "on the road." Thanks! Much more coming next week.

5:11 AM  

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