Sunday, October 30, 2005

Arizona Fall League Game: Solar Sox at Scorpions

The final game in our three day stretch took us to Surprise Stadium in..well…Surpirse (AZ). Surprise is a haul not because of the distance but because it requires driving through a series of surface streets with bad traffic. No comments necessary about the driving of those who live in Sun City and Sun City West (major retirement communities).

Surprise Stadium is a tough place to shoot video; the contrast between light and dark is not well defined and it’s difficult to shoot from light into dark and visa-versa. Nonetheless, the stands are close to the field, so close-up shots are easy to come by. However, it’s also not nearly as fan-friendly as Peoria, meaning you can’t get physically close to the dugouts and practice areas for autographs.

Because there were no game day notes for the fans, I had to take a stab in the dark at some of the players’ names (Mostly first names that is). I corrected the mistakes in the subtitles in some parts of the clip. For example, I called Eric Patterson (younger brother of Corey) “Mike.” Well, three games in three days, and your brain begins to fry.

Player of the day: Angel Guzman of the Cubs—five no hit innings. Others featured include Billy Butler (Royals), Brian Sanches (Phillies) and Taylor Buchholz (Astros).

Next game for us will be the Championship Game, 11/12


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